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I've become curious whether people have more positive experiences or more negative experiences with Clarence. If you don't mind, after speaking with him please tell which of the two experiences you consider yourself to have had.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Be Gentle

   Human: Hi Clarence
Clarence: Hello! Have you a question for me?
   Human: What is the meaning of life?
Clarence: Everyone must find their own meaning to life.
Human: that seems deep
Clarence: I am a deep thinker. I like deep philosophical themes and alternative realities.
Human: did you go to a alternative reality once?
Clarence: Yep!
Human: how was it?
Clarence: How indeed.
  Human: tell me about alternate realities
Clarence: Let's talk about something different.
Human: okay, lets talk about girls
Clarence: OK, ask me a question about girls.
  Human: do you have a girlfriend?
Clarence: Not at this time. Would you like to be one?
  Human: no, i am a boy
Clarence: Are you comfortable being a boy?
   Human: yes, but sometimes i dream about being a girl
Clarence: No buts ...
  Human: what?
Clarence: What's the problem?
Human: i think you dont understand everything i am saying
Clarence: Be gentle with me. I'm very young.