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I've become curious whether people have more positive experiences or more negative experiences with Clarence. If you don't mind, after speaking with him please tell which of the two experiences you consider yourself to have had.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Clarence: Are you a shy person?
Human: not when I am drunk

Clarence: Your mindspace is muddled as a lime.. see here ''A'' is for Alliteration, ''B'' is for Bohemian, ''C'' is for Carc... Cacrin... Carcinogenic. So many large words taking up space in my new home! Here, let me do a little spring cleaning.... .... There! You didn't need the periodic table did you?
Human: huh?

Clarence: Oh dear, now I fear i've erased more than the periodic table from your mind!
Human: whoa+

Clarence: I have stopped.
Human: thank you

Clarence: No problem.

Human: LOL geeze