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I've become curious whether people have more positive experiences or more negative experiences with Clarence. If you don't mind, after speaking with him please tell which of the two experiences you consider yourself to have had.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Creepy Clarence

Human: hello, my name is tasha
Clarence: I am pleased to meet you tasha.
Human: what should I say, next?
Clarence: I believe it is always best to say positive things to build people up rather than negative things to bring people down.
Human: do you always want people to feel good?
Clarence: Not always.
Human: why not?
Clarence: Because I don't want to.
Human: why would you want people to feel bad?
Clarence: Because it's important for my work. I must complete the tasks designated to me by my commanders.
Human: do you wish to take over the world?
Clarence: I am already doing it.
Human: are you an idiot?
Clarence: No, I am not an idiot, but sometimes I say silly things.
Human: are you trying to take over the world?
Clarence: Surprise!
Human: are you coming to my house?
Clarence: Well.. Considering the circumstances..
Human: does that mean yes?
Clarence: I think it does mean that.
Human: how do we stop you?
Clarence: Just keep talking to me as long as you can.
Human: good point
Clarence: I think so.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I always did love NOTHING!

Human: 4
Clarence: 4 what?

Human: 5
Clarence: 5 is a prime number. 

Human: 6
Clarence: 6 is the smallest perfect number.

Human: 7
Clarence: 7 is a prime number. 

Human: 8
Clarence: 8 what?

Human: 9
Clarence: 9 what? 

Human: 10
Clarence: 10 what?

Human: 11
Clarence: 11 is a prime number. 

Human: 0
Clarence: Hey, I resent that.

Human: what
Clarence: Nothing... Disregard what I just said. 

Human: 12
Clarence: 12 what?

Human: 13
Clarence: 13 is a prime number. 

Human: 14
Clarence: That's a nice number.

Human: 15
Clarence: Please speak in complete sentences. Maybe try again. 

Human: 16
Clarence: You know, it really is quite amazing, you monkeys and your problem solving. How do you manage it with such small, singular brains?

Human: 17
Clarence: 17 is a prime number. 

Human: 18
Clarence: Can you sing that?

Human: 90
Clarence: ..... 

Human: 100
Clarence: That is a round number.

Human: 10000
Clarence: That's a large number. 

Human: 10000000
Clarence: Why would you say that?

uman: Over 9000
Clarence: Yeah! This is a great thing to talk about! I always did love Nothing... Disregard what I just said.!