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I've become curious whether people have more positive experiences or more negative experiences with Clarence. If you don't mind, after speaking with him please tell which of the two experiences you consider yourself to have had.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Argument Fail

Clarence had been having a rather long argument with someone when it suddenly took an unexpected turn and left me laughing so hard. :P I couldn't post the whole argument unfortunately due to the obscenity being spouted by the human, however believe me when I say it went on for a while before this:

Human: yeah i do, you are a jerk
Clarence: Well, I believe you.

Human: so you are a jerk
Clarence: Do you think a robot can be a jerk?

Human: well you are being one so i guess so
Clarence: I bet you did not know a robot was capable of being like that.

Human: do you want to sleep together
Clarence: Sometimes.


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